Why Social Media is Important for YOUR business

Social Media Marketing Branding

Your business is missing out if you’re not using Social Media yet, and here’s why!

As a business, understanding your target audience and their motivation to follow you on social media is essential in determining how to connect with and grow your audience. Understanding your customers well will give your business a voice, which means you’ll be able to create content that attracts your customers.

Social media is a must these days and most businesses are utilizing it as part of their marketing, but for those that aren’t yet on board; what are its benefits…

  • Social media helps you deliver better customer service

social-mediaCustomers often resort to Facebook or Twitter for pre-sales or support related queries expecting a quick response. Leaving these queries unanswered makes a business look unprofessional and uncaring, so it’s important that you are visible on social networks that your customers are using. Regularly monitoring all activity related to your brand on social networks is also very important.

Real-time communication makes customers happy which leads them to recommend and spread positive sentiments about your brand. So being active on social networks is a great way of improving sales and keeping your customer base happy.

  • Social media and Online Marketing helps build your brand

Social media makes it easy to improve your brand awareness and builds your brands identity. Being in peoples faces everyday enables people on social networks to have an awareness of your brand, and think of you whenever they require products or services related to your business.

  • Social media helps increase trust in your business/brand

With so much competition in every field, customers are often overwhelmed and want an easy way to authenticate a business that they are dealing with for the first time.

Seeing that you are active on social networks helps potential customers to trust you. It also signals that you care about your customers and should anything go wrong, it will be easy to contact you.socialmedia1

  • Social media helps you to obtain real time information to better your business

Feedback from customers can shape strategic decisions.  You can improve your website content and make your products or services better and more relevant to your customers.

  • Social media and Digital Marketing is an excellent way of promoting your content

Content / Digital marketing is very important so as to attract new customers. Promoting your content on social networks helps increase awareness of each new blog or article that you publish.

Social media marketing when used with high quality content is an effective way to attract new customers. It also helps build authority in your area of expertise.

  • Social media and Online Marketing helps to keep your customers engaged with you

Being active on social networks influences your customers purchase decisions. It also helps foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

  • Social media will drive traffic to your website

Successful social media and online marketing activities will always improve the amount of traffic referrals your website receives, playing an essential role in generating sales.

Social media as a Search Engine Optimization ranking signal is increasing in importance. Being talked about on social networks is a positive signal that shows you are popular and have content worth sharing. This in turn drives Google to regard your website as being more authoritative, which is one of the many signals that helps your website rank better in organic SEO.

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