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Benefits of Content Marketing

Google sums up what it wants to see from websites with one tidy acronym: E-A-T, or Expertise, Authority, Trust. One of the benefits of content marketing is establishing these qualities.

Anyone who’s serious about inbound marketing knows you can’t win at SEO without a killer content strategy. In fact, effective content creation is the foundation of organic search, and the best way to drive more website traffic.

Mazda is also a great example of how different types of content build brand awareness. Their Zoom-Zoom Magazine is one of the best examples of content marketing in the automobile industry. The magazine offers inside looks into the testing of Mazda vehicles, fun stories about how many states someone could drive through within 24 hours, and employee highlights. The magazine is all about celebrating the Mazda community, and they even get readers involved by asking them to share their Mazda experiences on social media using #ZoomZoomMazda.

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