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In an evolving world of cloud, digital transformation and various platforms, Kiwi Media Solutions is at the forefront of data-driven, technology-based performance. We create demand through the delivery of unique and personalized customer experiences which drive immediate measurable outcomes. Not only are we a Marketing and Advertising Agency, we are a growth partner,  part technology, part consultancy company. We inspire growth by offering our clients an innovative approach to their needs. 


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Web Design & Development

We focus on creating interactive custom designed websites with strategic insights. By so doing, we achieve effective brand engagement, higher conversions and measurable results.

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Branding / Logo Design

We create brands that are memorable and captivating. Our work includes logo creation, flyers, business stationery, online and offline advert artwork, vehicle branding, billboards and much more.

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Search Engine Optimization

We use various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and strategies to increase your website traffic by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

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Domain / Web / Mail Hosting

We provide hosting services for your website, emails, web applications and Cloud solutions including DNS, FTP, Databases.

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Graphic Design

We create outstanding graphic designs that speak for your brand and attract customers. Our unique designs translate concepts to strong visual messages for print and digital media.

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Social Media Management

We choose the best Social Media Management tools that will make your brand visible on social networks. In turn, this will grow your audience, gain customer engagement and ultimately boost your sales.

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Content Marketing

Our team excels in creating, publishing and distributing valuable multimedia content to attract potential customers.

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Email / SMS Marketing

We specialize in Email and SMS Marketing to potential or existing customers with ads, flyers, offers and various marketing material for introduction, brand awareness and/or introduction of new products/services.

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Audio / Video Creation

We provide audio-video media creation and digital artwork that is riveting to potential and existing customers.

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Event Planning

We assist our clients in all aspects of the planning and execution of events. With our extensive list of contacts, we can source just about any service that you would require and we oversee the execution so that your event, be it a celebration or a corporate event, is a successful one. As part of our services we ensure that your events logistics are taken care of and provide you with a solution that is efficient and meets all your requirements.

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Our branding services help companies last a lifetime. Building a brand is about the experience that people have when they interact with your business. In world of endless noise, we help small businesses stand out of the crowd by pairing your brand with exceptional marketing best practices. Thus creating a focused, niche and unique brand. Need a brand lift? We can help.

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Leads Generation

Our Leads generation services provides & manage campaigns to discover and qualify customers for businesses. These services are highly beneficial in filling an organization’s sales pipeline with potential clients. Kiwi can also assist with establishing initial communications and building interest in the brand (demand generation).

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Mobile App Development

While some specialized cases require native mobile development, which we are well equipped to do, we recommend cross platform mobile development to most of our clients based on their unique requirements. This enables our customers to have native apps for different platforms without having to pay double the price.

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Printing, Promotional Items, Billboards

We provide full printing solutions for your business from promotional items to billboards, signages, business cards, flyers, brochures and more.

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Our Management Consulting Services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability across all industries and geographies.

Kiwi Media Solutions

Branding / Digital Marketing / Logo Design / Mobile Application / Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Management / Website Development
First Step

Research & Analyze

Remove the guesswork from important business decisions with user research and data analysis. Starting each project with a solid understanding of your users provides the foundation from which to achieve success.

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Second Step

Sketch & Design

At Kiwi Media Solutions, we manage digital marketing strategies for many of our clients. Our in-house team includes graphic designers, web developers, social media managers, copywriters, and account managers who can expertly establish and implement a digital marketing strategy for your business.

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Third Step

Develop & Test

To ensure the successful implementation of your digital marketing plan, we will work with your in-house team, preferred suppliers or help you find a supplier.

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