“Creativity is a wild mind with a disciplined eye”

Jon Acuff



Kiwi Media Solutions is a Marketing Agency based in Dar es salaam. We strive to find YOUR solution and ensure it is the perfect one, engineering it in a way that will take YOUR BRAND to the next level

Media marketing Tanzania


We believe in working hand in hand with our clients to come up with solutions that produce an enhanced effect

advertising marketing tanzania


We understand the value of connecting with our clients and keeping an open and meaningful line of communication

marketing social media advertising

Problem Solving

We have the means to come up with ideas to target every obstacle


Web development hosting

Web Design & Development

Our team specializes in creating interactive custom designed websites with strategic insights to generate greater brand engagement, higher conversions and measurable results. 

Website Design

Domain/Web/Mail Hosting

We provide hosting services for your website, emails, web applications and Cloud solutions including DNS, FTP, Databases.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

We can help in creating, publishing and distribution of valuable and relevant content to attract customers, converting them to repeat buyers.

Graphics Design, Logo design

Branding/Logo Design

Our passion is to create brands that are memorable and make customers notice you immediately. We specialize in logo creation, flyers, business stationery, online and offline advert artwork, vehicle branding and much more.

Graphics Design

Graphic Design

Our team specializes in creating graphics that engage and attract customers, translating concepts to strong visual messages for print and digital media.

SMS, Email Marketing

Email/SMS Marketing

We specialize in Email and SMS Marketing to potential or existing customers with ads, flyers, offers and various marketing material for introduction, brand awareness and/or introduction of new products/services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We use various SEO techniques and strategies to increase the amount of visitors to your website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

social media marketing management

Social Media Management

Our social media management tools can help increase your presence on social networks, grow your audience and ultimately increase your sales.

Video Production

Audio/Video Creation

We provide audio-video media creation and digital artwork that is attractive to potential and existing customers. 



Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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