Nominated as best Digital Marketing Agency of year 2021 Tanzania

Kiwi Media Solutions proud to be nominated as Best Digital Marketing Agency of the year 2021 click the button below and vote for us in category of DIGITAL MARKETING AND BUSINESS

Tanzania Digital Awards is an initiative that seeks to extend recognition to individuals and organizations that make effective use of digital platforms to creatively and innovatively inspire actions, bring change and foster lasting impact across and beyond the online community using and through digital platforms and technologies.

The Tanzania Digital Awards 2021 (TDA) season has been launched in an effort to promote accountability, creativity, and innovation in the digital space in Tanzania.

The award which is issued under the auspices of Serengeti Bytes Company was first held in 2020 receiving a desirable impression from stakeholders and the public.

In response to the feedback from stakeholders and members of the public, this year TDA has expanded the number of categories to 12 and 52 subcategories.

Main categories this year include, Digital Innovation, Digital Banking, Digital and Telecommunication, Digital Communication, Digital Entertainment, Digital Marketing and Business, Digital Media, Digital Governance, Digital Advocacy, Digital Diplomacy, People’s Choice Award and Honorary Award.

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